Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summertime Childhood Memories

While browsing on Etsy, I came across a few images that quickly brought back a flood of childhood memories.
This amazing barn photo was taken by Rebecca with Sew Good Photography on Etsy.
This photo was taken by Amanda on Etsy.  She does a wonderful job of taking pictures of nature and turning random objects into beautiful photographs.
This images was taken by Julie with  JPG Photography on Etsy. Her shop includes a select collection of amazing photos taken and processed.
Here are a few precious memories, dedicated to my cousin Tracy.
I thought of you today.  You know, of all the early years growing up.
I remember the summer that we raided your Mom’s kitchen drawers and pantry in your farmhouse to find Jello and food mixes.  So that we could create the perfect snack; which turned out to be a mixture that no one would eat but your Dad {Uncle Leroy}.
I remember running thru the cornfield to get to the blackberries for a afternoon snack, vines packed full of yummy blackberries that bordered your country road.
I remember the year that you, your brother Leroy Jr., my sister Penny and I filled Grandma and Grandpa’s car with glowing fireflies; wow were they surprised to see their car lighting up when they came out to travel home.
And then one day, you grew up, I grew up.
Life should always be as simple as this phrase; "Come and play with me!"
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Smiles, Paula


  1. This was such a sweet post! There is something about that sweet, innocent life of a child. No wonder Jesus loves them so much! Thank you for including me!

    - Rebecca

  2. The country must have been an incredible place to grown up in! Love the sentimental post, thanks for including my photo! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures. I especially like the barn one ~ hoping one day we'll paint our blue barn a faded/white washed red! Hope you have a happy day, Paula:)


  4. I remember visiting my grandma's farm and picking blackberries. We would bring them back and I would sit by the Hoosier cabinet while grandma made pies. You brought back those memories.

  5. Wonderful, delightful post. It takes me back.