Monday, June 25, 2012

{ rustic chic style }

I'm, so lucky lucky.
I won this lovely chic pillow made by Ashley with Rustic Living.
This pillow is just the perfect addition to my cozy reading nook.
Ashley is a country girl from Boise, Idaho
who has a rustic chic style!
She loves handmade projects that have a country feel
but are still a bit girly and simple.
Ashley creates handmade rustic chic goodies,
which include pillows, frames, and table runners.
Check out all of Ashley home decor items in her online store.
She also has a Etsy shop at It’s Rustic Living.
{heart your favorite items}
Make sure you head over to Ashley's blog to say hello.
You will simply adore her, just like I do...I promise!
Her blog is filled with heartfelt stories,
plus wonderful images of her, Michael her hubby
and their loved puppies Whiskey and Banjo.
Thanks for stopping by and meeting Ashley.
Smiles, Paula


  1. Congrats!! That's a beautiful pillow!

  2. Wonderful pillow! Will check her out.

  3. lucky you! I love that feeling of excitement I get when I win something awesome!! That pillow qualifies as awesome.

  4. Those pillows are adorable! I love them!

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