Thursday, March 28, 2013

Terrarium Garden

I have seen terrarium garden images exploding all over on Pinterest.
Amazing images of pretty, magical, and luscious green
gardens in large glass jars.
After creating a entire board devoted to Terrarium Gardens,
{ find it here....Terrarium Gardens }.
I had to do it.  Yes, all I can say is “Pinterest Made Me DO IT”.
I had to invite my Mom and Daughter to make some terrarium gardens.
Now this is a craft project that I have never attempted before,
and now I find myself looking at glass containers
and jars at yards sales in a whole new way.

First off we placed a layer of rocks in the bottom of our jars, then arranged some moss.  Sprinkled in some charcoal, added a layer of potting soil.
We then planted our plants and succulents, after adding a layer of green sheet moss.
Then arranged the finishing touches by adding gnomes, rocks, bunnies or little pretties.
Here are a few more photos of our new Terrarium Gardens.

{ A Magical Gnome Lives Here }

{ Little Bunny Foo Foo Terrarium Garden }

I absolutely love my new enchanting garden in a jar,
I adore the look of the small plants, mosses, and natural elements.
I am thrilled that you stopped by my blog.
Happy Spring!
Smiles, Paula
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  1. Very pretty. I like the bunny. We made these years ago when our kids were in 4H.

  2. OMGosh, these are abosolutely gorgeous! You all did a beautiful job!