Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY Almonds & Cream Bath Bags

Treat yourself to an invigorating soak in the tub
with a homemade bath bag.
Or make some to have on hand  to give as gifts to friends or family.
A adorable idea you can make for less than a dollar
that provides a relaxing and soothing bath.
Dress up this homemade bath product by scooping it into a
attractive cloth bags purchased at a craft store
or sew your own bags from scrap fabric.
DIY Almonds & Cream Bath Bags
½ Cup of Oatmeal {organic steel cut oats}
½ Cup of Powdered Milk
4 Tablespoons of Ground Almonds
½ Tablespoon of Almond Extract
5 Drops of Vanilla Extract
  1. In a small bowl, combine oatmeal, powdered milk, and almond meal, stirring to mix well. Stir in the scents until blended well. Divide mixture among cloth bags, about 2 to 3 tablespoons per bag and tie them at the top.
  2. When ready to use, simply throw a bag in your bath water, forget your troubles, and enjoy this natural bath treatment.
  3. Keep the bags in a cool dark place until ready to use.
A natural milk and oatmeal bath soak is one of the most
enjoyable and therapeutic ways to relax.
Make some bath bags for the kiddos, replace the almond
and vanilla extract with lavender essential oil. 
Use their favorite kid friendly fabric print like, dora or dinos.
Great Mom tip, to keep the kids happy and clean at bath time.
If you wish to sew your own fabric bags, as I did.
Cut a fabric rectangle 8” x 3”, fold over to finished size of 4” x 3”
and sew up the sides. To close, tie with raffia or ribbon.
A milk bath leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.
The milk also helps exfoliate the skin for additional softness.
The lactic acid and fat in milk helps clean and soften the skin.

A oatmeal bath is fantastic for skin conditions
such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and sunburn;
skin benefits also include the soothing irritated skin  by bug bites.
Oatmeal also helps relieve dry and itching skin.

Almond meal is a wonderful source of Vitamin E which,
when used on the skin helps defend skin
against premature aging from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

I hope you’ll make some bath bags to use at home and love them as much as I do.
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  1. Paula,

    You are SO sweet to share this with all of us. I will be making these as gifts for sure!

    1. I have a few of these bath bags tucked away to include in gift baskets. Thanks for stopping by. You are so sweet. ;o)

  2. Sounds heavenly! This will make some awesome gifts for friends birthdays! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. OH I desperately need a long hot bath! These would definitely make it better! Such a great gift idea too! I will be featuring you on Sunday! : ) Have a great weekend Paula!

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  6. This sounds so soothing and I like the fabric bags.

  7. Hi, oh how I love your blog...just found you and following a vintage wanna be sewer and paint some of my vintage finds......i am so not getting anything done today! lol thank you for posting such lovely pics and the directions! I will be trying some of these very soon! i am such a girly girly and love all cosmetics mostly green these days! :) hugs kat =^.^=

    1. I am so happy that you stumbled upon my blog, and that you are now following along. ;o)

  8. Great idea, Paula, thanks for sharing:)


  9. Hello, I am loving reading about your diy beauty products. Can I ask about this one? Are the contents of the bag meant to stay in the bag? Is it meant to just soak through the fabric, but not escaoe? I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you, Joanna (Australia)