Monday, August 29, 2011

{ my sweet daughter }

Just hanging out today with all of you wonderful ladies here on my blog.
I wanted to give you all a big shout out and say Thank You
for taking the time to visit me here again and again.
I thought I would tell you a little about my family.
I am so excited to introduce you to my oldest daughter Ashley and her young family.
Ashley has a wonderful smile and a warm heart.
When she walks into a room she has a way of making everyone around her instantly happy.
I am so blessed to have her in my life and be a Mom to such a special girl.
She is currently working full time and going to school to become an RN. I am so proud of her because she works so hard and is always just so darn sweet.
All of us ladies know how hard it can be a times to keep up with life.
Never ending laundry, cooking, cleaning house, working, teaching, playing and life surprises.
Did I say laundry?  Oh yea?   
She is a awesome Mommy to my very first grandchild Isabella; who is just 2 years old.
Ashley grew up in Florida surrounded by the big beautiful ocean and
she still loves to spend a afternoon at the beach.
She has chosen a very supportive, loving and handsome (oh yea, just look for yourself) young man to share her life with Geoffrey.
Together they have created a warm cozy home for their family of 3.
I hope that you enjoyed meeting my daughter and her family.
Are you blessed with an amazing child?
Smiles, Paula
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  1. Your daughter looks so much like you. What a beautiful family....thank you so much for sharing them with us :-)

    Teresa Scholle

  2. Nice to meet Ashley and her beautiful family:) Did you take the pictures? They're so crisp ~ just perfect.


  3. Beautiful pictures!


    Laurasu82 at

  4. Thanks Cindy. I did take the photos last Sunday downtown Venice in the park. It was so much fun.

  5. WHAT a lovely share, Paula! Your dear ones are breathtaking! THANKS for sharing such lovely thoughts and your gratitude for your blessings - VERY inspirational! You are delightful! xo!

  6. Those are beautiful pictures. Memories to cherish too!
    1prizewinner at gmail dot com

  7. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother recently. Isabella--what a cutie! :D

  8. Awww, your daughter and her family are lovely! I can't even imagine the day when I have a grandchild...I'll be over the moon! Good luck to your daughter in nursing school (I'm an RN although I've been out of the work force for 13 years now - but I can still remember the grueling days of nursing school). She will have a wonderful career ahead of her.