Friday, March 28, 2008

{ my crochet therapy }

Here is the new scarf that I crocheted yesterday. I love this chunky and soft yarn…..It’s a Wrap. I first started crocheting in IL right before my "sweet Grandma" passed away last December. I recall as a young child seeing the basket of yarn sitting next to Grandma's lazy boy chair in the living room. I fondly remember watching her as she crocheted as we visited with her. I was amazed by the way her hands would move in harmony with the needle and the yarn. Her blue eyes would look upon me and her smile would have a way of lighting up the whole room. Crocheting has been a comfort to me, in a way a connection to my Grandma. I love you and miss you Grandma. Paula


  1. I love how you redid this entry. Thanks for listening last night.

  2. I remember my mother crocheting.....she did not knit but crocheted often....putting edges on garments she had made etc.
    She was a gifted seamstress. I was married in the month of January (40 years ago!) in Vermont....Mom made my velvet wedding gown as well and my headpiece as well as the headpieces for my 6 bridesmaids!
    Needless to say that was in the years of big weddings. Anyway, Paula's needlework so reminded me of my mother and the handwork that one hopes never is lost.
    Her talent continues to unfold!!!

  3. Great job Paula!!!!! You will need to teach me. Had tons of fun yesterday.....can't wait to get together again!!!!!

  4. Hey Gina,
    I had a great time as well at Terry's crop. I can't wait until next time.
    LOL Paula