Monday, May 13, 2013

Look Who's 12

My youngest daughter Destiny just celebrated her 12th birthday.
The years after her Dad and I welcomed her into our hearts
on her first birthday have literally flown by.
It is so hard to believe that she is now 12 years old.
Some things have not changed over the years.
She is still the same sweet brown haired blue eyed little girl
with a contagious smile.
She fills our home with joy, and I truly feel blessed to have her in my life.
Here are a few photos from her birthday party.

Happy 12th Birthday Destiny.
I am so glad that I am your Mom.
I love you!
Smiles, Paula

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  1. Happy Birthday Destiny! Love the zebra print.

  2. I can tell, she is a doll!
    I love the zebra and cute!
    And a pool party! perfect.

  3. Destiny is precious. I love your party decorations too! Looks like a fun time.