Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guest Post By Helen

Hello everyone!
I am so very honored to be a guest posting here today!
It has been ages since I've guest posted at Living A Blessed Life,
but I am truly blessed to be back! :)
For those of you who may not know me very well here are a few things about myself:
1. I love doing beauty experiments!
This was inspired by my findings on Pinterest and different ideas, but the very first experiment was with using baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair.  Which is how I wash my hair all the time now and I absolutely LOVE the results!
2. I love DIY beauty products!
Which is one of the reasons I love Paula's blog SO much! She is always posting some of the best recipes I've ever seen or heard of and I love giving them a try when I can!
3. I love chocolate!
I mean seriously what girl doesn't love chocolate?! I will eat just about any type of candy bar with chocolate in it, and that goes for cookies, cakes, ice cream, brownies...ALL of it! :)
On to business for today!
I have a slight obsession with having really white teeth. This started when I was 16 and has never really slowed down. At that point in my life I was a working girl and had plenty of green dollars in my pocket to afford whitening strips...but in 2010 I was in a terrible car accident which pretty much put me out of working now all I do is blog, cook, bake, clean house, and wait for my man to come see me. :)
So, since I have no money and haven't really spent much time trying to find a way to make money I decided it was time to try a beauty experiment (Pinterest inspired of course!), and figure out how to whiten my teeth without spending a fortune on whitening strips, mouthwash, and toothpaste. I figured it out, and am now here to share this with you. I will admit that if I had the money I'd probably still do a once a year whitening strip treatment on my teeth, but I'd never use the mouthwash or toothpaste again! That would be a waste of my precious money for sure!
Now I will show you two photos which were taken about two months apart. They are important because I was looking through the photos some time after I started using the toothpaste recipe. I'm about to share and realized just how much of a difference I was able to see in the whiteness of my teeth. If you're planning to use this toothpaste as a whitener then I would suggest having a before photo so you can compare later on down the road to see how well it's working for you! 
July 25, 2012.
Sorry for the blurry photo; I had to crop it in so you could see my
teeth very well.
September 4, 2012.
Yes the lighting is a bit brighter in this photo, but you can
still tell that there is a major difference in the color of the teeth.
They are less yellow and more white!
I use this toothpaste recipe on my teeth every day, and have been using in for about four months now with no side effects or problems to report. I have used regular toothpaste on occasion, but usually I just use this toothpaste mix because I like it better honestly.
What We Are Making Today
1 Tablespoon baking soda
2 teaspoons peroxide
1 teaspoon Peppermint extract
Peppermint essential oils
 1 small plastic container with a secure lid
If you've never had/tried homemade toothpaste before...some people don't like or can't handle the strong salty flavor of the baking soda, but with the peppermint I've added to the ingredients this does help mask that awful flavor, and within a short time of continual use you get used to it.  It rarely bothers you at all! In fact regular store-bought toothpaste is disgusting to me now!
1. In the container pour the baking soda.
2. Add in the peppermint and mix together.
3. Add the peroxide last and stir until it makes a thick paste.
4. Let the mix sit for at least 30 minutes before using.
To Use
I've always rinsed my toothbrush before brushing my teeth and with this recipe that works perfect! So just rinse your toothbrush and then dip it into the container to pick up just a light layer of the paste. After a few days the paste may not be as soft so the water will help it stick to your brush so you can brush your teeth.
I keep my container in the case behind the bathroom mirror. At one point I had the same mix in the bathroom for three weeks. It got a little dry, but I just had to make sure I had plenty of water on my toothbrush before I got some toothpaste!
Extra Notes
~NEVER brush  your tongue with this toothpaste!!! Trust me you will regret it!
~Make sure to rinse out your mouth really well after you've finished brushing.
Thank you all for reading along with me today! I hope you've enjoyed this post! I know that it's been quite popular on my blog and many people don't even realize that it's possible to make your own whitening toothpaste so this is both a frugal and a DIY post all in one! :)
Thank you Paula for having me today!
If you would like to visit with me you can find me at my blog: Blue Eyed Beauty Blog,
or you can find me at one of these other awesome places:
Thank you all and have a wonderful week!


  1. I just made a homemade toothpaste but it didn't have the peroxide in it--is that what whitens the teeth?

    1. Yes, peroxide is the main ingredient in whitening strips and thus the teeth whitener.

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you so much for the opportunity to guest post Paula!! :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. I am so excited to try this. I used to use whiteners all the time, but it does really add up! I look forward to trying this new twist with the peppermint. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Lol sorry! I was on my sisters account... I was saying that this is one of the easiest least expensive ways to whiten your teeth!

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

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