Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Spicy Men’s Cologne

For a while now I have been on the lookout for a cologne for my hubby.  I just was not pleased with the cologne that I found in the store, plus I have concerns about the ingredients. I am a true believer in the emotional and well being benefits of essential oils.  Plus I avoid products with artificial {man made} fragrance at all cost.  I love to smell my hubby with this light, natural, spicy and manly scent.
DIY Spicy Men’s Cologne
1 Cup of Plain Vodka
1 Cup of Witch Hazel
1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Glycerin
Blend a drop or two of each of the following Essential Oils;
Combine all of the ingredients and vigorously shake in a mason jar with lid.  Wha-La done.
How to Use:
Dab a small amount behind each ear every morning, or as desired.
Store in a small bottle with a tight fitting lid, use within six months.
  • I love to dab a small amount of organic extract behind my ears as a natural perfume.
  • A woodsy or citrusy aroma which will retains its scent for hours without becoming too powerful, and is perfect for men to use as a cologne.
  • Vodka is a wonderful carrier oil.  Use high quality 80 to 100 proof vodka is virtually odorless, making it a good choice for an essential oil carrier in homemade natural perfumes.
  • Sandalwood essential oil alone makes a awesome men’s cologne. Add about 10 drops to the vodka, witch hazel and vegetable glycerin mixer.
I hope that you enjoy my easy homemade recipes to make your own natural and organic skincare products.
Smiles, Paula


  1. Interesting... My hubby has so sense of smell so he doesn't care what scent I put on him.

  2. Never thought of making this--I bet it smells wonderful.

  3. I wouldn't have dreamt you could ever do this at home. What a sweet father's day gift it would be.

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