Thursday, July 26, 2012

New AD Swap Program

I have exciting news to share,
I am starting a AD swap program on my blog.
My goal is to have this program up and running by September 1st.
I believe that this is a perfect time to start,
the kiddos are back in school,
and the holiday shopping season is quickly approaching.

I am wanting to involve my readers in the new program,
featuring your amazing handmade items in the new AD’s.
I will design all of the AD’s free of charge, and display them on my side bar.
In exchange you will display the AD shown below promoting my
handmade soaps and organic skincare anywhere on your side bar.
The AD’s will continue to run as long as they are both posted with the correct links.
This is a great way to expose your handmade wares to new customers.
The friendships that I have made through blogging are priceless to me.
This program is a great way for us to support each other,
get to know each other better, gain a little extra exposure and to boost readership.
This program is open to bloggers with an active blog, Facebook page,
a Etsy shop, or website offering handcrafted items.
Are you interested in taking part in my AD swap program?
Feel free to leave a comment below,
or send me an email at
Smiles, Paula


  1. Replies
    1. Please provide me with your email, so I can contact you. ;o)

  2. I'd love to participate with my blog :)

  3. Hi Paula! This sounds good to me too. Just contact me with the details.

    1. I will drop you an email about taking part in the ad swap. Smiles, Paula

  4. This is a wonderful idea--I will keep this in mind if I ever start a blog, shop etc.

  5. I would LOVE to--but have no idea how to make the ads-so if you can help--I'd be happy to put your ad on my blog for A Bridge of Grace! And any others here who want to do the same--if Paula would let me use the ad she creates, I'd share..and put anyone on my blog too! I feel soooo frusterated w/ the lack of progress I've made! :o(

    Jessi B. <><