Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polymer Clay Charms

As long as I could remember,
I have always loved creating things.
At a young age my Mom had my hands busy working on
needlepoint, sewing and many other creative crafts.
I have continued the same tradition with my daughters.
Our latest obsession is making Polymer Clay Charms.
It is super fun, and the different charms that you can
create seem to be endless.
Polymer Clay Charms are number one right now on my list.
You may say, What List?
Well, of course the list titled;
“Things that make me happy and smile.”
Here are a few photos of my youngest daughter Destiny
with her newest clay charms.

Destiny is a YouTuber and has created many videos
posted on her channel at destinydragongirl247.
Today we would like to share with you a YouTube charm tutorial video.

What makes you happy and smile?

I am sending a big hello and warm welcome
to my newest readers and followers.
It is a always wonderful to meet new crafty and creative bloggers.
Countless thanks for all your lovely comments.
Smiles, Paula


  1. These are the cutest things! I just love miniatures. I may have to try to make some. Great job on the video demonstration Destiny!! You're adorable and well-spoken and explained everything perfectly. :)

    1. whats your youtube name its socraftastic a.k.a sarah

  2. Oooh, how cut are those! My daughter and I had so much fun one year making a bunch of polymer buttons. I am now inspired to break out the clay :)

  3. Great job on the video! That's a really cute craft idea.

  4. hey i like the video. its cute good job Destiny i just had my first little baby girl kaitlyn shes my bundle of joy she was born last week thanks maybe we can do i trade i make polymer clay charms too

  5. sorry about that weird comment i didnt know what i was saying i was up all night with my baby

  6. Those are so Cute! I make polymer clay charms too!