Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{ welcome february }

Happy February First!
Woo Who, time flies. It feels like just yesterday
I was writing down my New Year’s resolutions and now it's February.
A whole new month and the month of love, Valentines.
Destiny and I have been busy decorating our home for Valentines.
I love the month of February because I always find myself reflecting
about all of the people that I love: my hubby, my dad, my mom, my siblings,
my blog friends (of course you made the list), or even my favorite kitty Midnight.
Anyway, I will stop with the chatter, so we can get to the part that
you've all been waiting for my giveaway winner announcement.
First of all, I want to bellow out a huge thank you
to everyone who entered this month.
You are the winner of my biggest giveaway ever on my blog.
You have won a “Ultimate Home Spa Gift Box”.
Congratulations Crystal!
Crystal please email me at with your address.
Check back this week to see what
you can WIN during the month of February!
Smiles, Paula


  1. Crystal's a lucky gal:) Beautiful pictures on this post, Paula! You always take great pix:)


  2. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!! :D So Excited!

  3. Crystal, your gift box is on it's way to your doorstep. Smiles,:) Paula

  4. I LOVE the gift set!! It was sooo beautiful in the box, I almost didn't want to mess it up and take the items out LOL! Thank you so much. It is going to be very well enjoyed (and much needed!) I am in the middle of writing a review for your products :) I will link you as soon as I am finished with it!