Friday, February 10, 2012

{ Get Ready, Set, Salvaged }

I would like to introduce you to a Lady who does “Cottage Chic Farmhouse”
style like no one else does.
She sells her lovely items on Etsy, her goodies are all about
distressed painting, vintage trims, old wood, salvaged items,
beautiful detail and that wonderful time aged appearance.
Hi to all! My name is Linda and I am thrilled to be here on
Paula’s blog “Living a Blessed Life” with all of you!
I have a passion for old, salvaged wood.
Yep, I am one of those that will stop on a dime if I see
a pile of wood either along side the road or in someones yard!
My daughter hates to ride with me as you can imagine.
I love vintage hardware, old mirrors and frames
and weathered garden decor.
My items are handmade and cut out piece by piece. Sometimes,
I have no idea of what I am making until it is completed.
I hope you enjoy my handmade items
and please take the time to visit
my store on Etsy at Cottage Home Decor.
Paula, thanks again for allowing me to hang out on your blog.
I hope that you enjoyed meeting Linda.
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Smiles, Paula

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