Friday, December 9, 2011

{ advent calendar }

It is hard to believe that it is December 9th today!
I am excited about the upcoming Holiday
and it is starting to look like Christmas around our home.
Yesterday I tossed around the idea of making some handmade Christmas cards.
No go, so I decided to make a Muffin Tin Advent Calendar
for Destiny while she was at school.
Ideas for these fun calendars have been popping up all over
Pinterest in the last few weeks.
Everything is on Pinterest. Don't you agree? I love Pinterest.
I went out and picked up a few yummy trinkets and candies to fill the tin.
I decided to go with a standard cupcake pan with twelve spots
instead of a mini twenty pan so I could fit more goodies in the holes
and she will start opening the gifts next week on the thirteenth.
I can’t wait to see the excitement in her eyes when she opens the first gift.
Here are a few other clever ideas for an Advent Calendars
that I found on some blogs that I follow. 
Be sure to check out their blogs when you link over and hang out for a while.
 Check out Chris’s version of advent calendar at Just A Girl.
She created the calendar using mini matchboxes.
It is super Cute!

Here is a green earth friendly advent calendar
made from old TP tubes.
So clever, check out Maya’s Tutorial on her blog at Maya Made.
If your not up to making a advent calendar?
You can buy one on Etsy at Polka Stripe Studio.
Erin has a awesome store filled with all kinds of handmade goodies.

Do you have a advent calendar?
Happy Holidays!
Smiles, Paula


  1. Aren't they all clever & gorgeous & fun.

  2. wow ! those are amazing ! i love advent calendars ! i may have to try one of these ideas next year !

  3. these are great ideas!!!! i'll have to keep them in mind for next year. we didn't make one this year because the boys were each given one.