Friday, November 18, 2011

{ duck tape crafts }

Growing up in a creative household my family was always busy making things.
My dad spent most of his time painting or building furniture.
His handcrafted furniture was amazing and filled our home.
My mom always had my sister and I busy creating handmade items
from sewing kitchen place-mats, embroidery projects to candle making.
My household today is no different we love making things.
I am always joking and making this statement about Destiny;
“She must be my daughter”.
At any give time you will find her busy making
cards, scrap-booking, crocheting, making lip balm
or her newest love making things from Duck Tape.
A few weeks ago Destiny started making Duck Tape hair bows and bracelets.
Once she had a stock pile of lovely hair bows and bracelets
she packed them in a bag and took them to one of our weekend craft shows to sell.
Yes, “She must be my daughter”.  Hee Hee!
Here are a few photos of Destiny’s newest Duck Tape creations.

Browsing the Internet I have found tons of things to make with Duck Tape
from wallets, shoes, home decor and more.
The ideas are endless.
I must say the new printed Duck Tape is so awesome.  Love IT!
Duck Tape Pumpkin
Duck Tape Wallet 

What have you made with Duck Tape?
Smiles, Paula


  1. I wish I was this creative. I tend to just use it to mend or hold things together.


  2. wow what fun ideas...and very creative..