Friday, October 14, 2011

Surprise Dino Soap Egg Tutorial

These fun Handmade Dino Soap Eggs are sure to give big kids
and little kid’s incentive to wash.
So much fun with a surprise dinosaur inside each soap egg.
I am sharing with you the tutorial to make these super fun soap eggs at home.
This is a great project to make with the kids
or for the kids for creative stocking stuffers for the holidays.
Supply List:
8 Cups of Shredded Soap
(I prefer all natural soap lavender or unscented)
½ Rolled Oats
½ Lavender Buds
4 Tablespoons of Distilled Water
Lavender Essential Oil
Toy Plastic Dinosaurs
Olive Oil
Plastic Wrap
Glass Bowl

Step 1
Place shredded soap into a microwave safe glass bowl.

Step 2
Add 4 Tablespoons of water.

Step 3
Cover bowl with plastic wrap and microwave at 50% power for 3 minutes.
Carefully remove (caution will be very HOT) and stir gently.
Repeat this step two more times; for a total of 9 minutes.

Soap will not be completely melted with translucent parts as shown here.
Optional: Place a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
Sprinkle then mix in a small amount of lavender and oatmeal.

Step 4
Place olive oil on hands as a barrier from the heat of the soap.
Then carefully place soap in hands and shape into dinosaur egg.
Complete this step quickly because the soap cools very fast.
Place toy plastic dinosaur in the center of the egg.

Step 5
Roll soap egg in crushed lavender and oatmeal.

Let your new Handmade Dino Soap Eggs harden for a few weeks
before you use them in the bath or shower.

You will have no trouble getting your kids to wash.
Your new handmade soap eggs will do a wonderful job getting your children
squeaky clean and will be tons of fun at the same time.
If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.
Smiles, Paula

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  1. This sounds delicious! Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

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  2. These dino soaps are absolutely adorable, Paula! Wish I'd had them when my son was a little guy!


  3. Truly and wonderfully magical! Thanks so very much for this brilliantly generous giveaway! : )


  4. This would be so much fun to do with small children.

  5. Visiting from the Creative Paige. I think these eggs would be great birthday gifts and lots of fun at Easter too!
    :) crafty texas girls

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  7. This is such a fun tutorial thank you. They would make fabulous gifts.


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  14. I absolutely love, love, love your soap!! I need to get some more for me and for gifts.

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