Monday, May 9, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Last Friday my oldest daughter Ashley and I spent the entire morning hunting down treasures at local garage sales and thrift stores.  During our treasure hunt we found so many amazing things and had so much fun hanging out together.  At our first garage sale; I picked up a hardcover book The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks from a cardboard box and handed it to her as her eyes filled with excitement.  Then shortly after we got into the car in she opened up the book shocked to find it signed by the author himself Nicholas Sparks.  Crazy, we purchased an autographed hard cover book for a dollar.  We found a vintage sewing box, old soap dishes, an old suitcase, a watch, vintage ice bucket just to name a small number of our cherished finds.
On this post you will find photos of a few of our newest prized possessions.

Vintage Sewing Box with Bits and Bobbins 

Old Soap Dishes are the Perfect Pair for my Handmade Soap
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I just can't have enough Vintage Suitcases

A Glass Vase for my Sea Shells
It truly is all about the hunt, the smiles and the laughter, we had so much fun!
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Smiles, Paula


  1. Score! Treasure hunting is the best!

  2. Great finds, Paula! I especially love the sewing box with all the wonderful notions.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Palua,
    I love the Lemongrass room spray - great fresh scent! THANK YOU so much for your donation of your wonderful soap & lotion for the United Way basket raffle. Tammy