Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh My......Tired Eyes

We had another remarkable weekend selling our handmade soap in Orlando at The Great American Pie Festival.  When I woke up today I had tired eyes……..from spending the last few days in the bright Florida sunshine.
Here is the perfect cure for anyones tired eyes:
Cucumber Face Treatment
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Cucumber is one of the skin's best friends.
It replaces the dull skin with a beautiful glow.
Grate one cucumber and squeeze out its juice.
Dab this freshly prepared cucumber juice on the face and neck with a cotton ball.
Then place the left behind grated cucumber on the eyes.
Re-apply the juice on the skin 2-3 times in the span of 15 minutes.
Later wash off with warm water.

 3 All Natural Daily Skin Care Tips:
Natural bath and body care always begins with the skin. Not everyone is biologically blessed with the gift of flawless skin, nevertheless. If you want natural beauty, it will really boil down to your daily skin care routines. Understanding what the skin needs in order to have a healthy glow and avoid the signs of aging is what will at last lead to long lasting natural beauty.

#1  Hydration
Hydration, for instance, is the key to having soft, smooth skin. It doesn’t get more natural than drinking water. The skin is in great need of hydration which is why getting adequate amounts of water will indeed increase the health and natural glow of your skin. In fact, the average woman should be drinking about ten 8 ounces glass of water every day.

#2 Vitamin E
In addition to drinking water to hydrate the skin from the inside, there are other options for hydrating the skin on the outside. Vitamin E has been known to smooth, hydrate and improve elasticity of the skin. Take a Vitamin E supplement and use skin care products enriched with Vitamin E.

#3 Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Article Fragrances
Choosing only natural items to apply to the skin is paramount for natural beauty. Avoiding lotions, creams and make up that uses harsh chemicals or article fragrances that can irritate the skin is vital. Harsh chemicals and article fragrances will not only hurt your skin but they are also not good for the environment. Instead, switch to organic body lotions, natural handmade soap and mineral based makeup and you will come by the benefits for many years to come.
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Smiles, Paula


  1. Perfect snack food and now, the perfect face food! Who knew?! Thanks for the tip ~ gonna give it a try:)


  2. You can have a snack and treat your skin at the same time. What could be more natural and simple?
    Smiles, Paula