Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dinosaur Soap Eggs

October flew by in a blur and I have a feeling that the upcoming months will be the same.  I think that it went by so quickly because I have been so busy with family, craft shows every weekend, making soap, graphic design and cleaning houses part time.  Any whooo, it is good to stay busy.  I feel so lucky to be working in the soap making field, I love creating new batches of soap with heavenly scents.  Lately at the shows the "Surprise Dinosaur Soap Eggs" have been a big hit and flying out of our booth faster that we can make them.  Here are a few photos, these soap eggs make bath or shower time fun for the kids.

Yesterday Tara helped me create over a dozen new "Surprise Dinosaur Soap Eggs", so we are all stocked up and ready for the coming craft show at Mixon's Fruit Farm this weekend.


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