Friday, October 8, 2010

Sisal Soap Saver Bags Are Back!

My Sisal Soap Saver Bags have been a very hot item in the last year. Everyone loves the bags; therefore they were out of stock for a few months.


The firm sisal fibers give stimulating massages to your skin, dry or with soap and water, to leave skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Just pop your handmade soap bar into the Sisal Soap Bag and the sisal's open weave allows the lather to come through while bathing. Sisal, a plant fiber from the agave plant, is valued for its strength, durability, and ability to stretch and is perfect for exfoliation. A great sustainable product, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are normally used in its production. This item is compostable when it becomes worn out. This soap bag is the perfect pair for one of my handmade soap bar, the sisal soap bag is also handy for placing several smaller pieces of soap into the bag that might otherwise be wasted.

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