Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yes, I am alive and doing well!! It seems another unpredicted blog interruption has snuck (or is it sneaked? hmmmm) right up on me. There are a zillion and one excuses I could rattle off, but when we really get right down to it, I had a bit of a wake-up call and needed to focus on my work and family a little more. I'll find it, that balance of feeling like I'm a good entrepreneur, wife/mom AND fulfilling my passions and creative energy. I know I will! Just have to fumble around a little more...trying things here and there....schedules, no schedules...clean house, messy house...late nights, early mornings. Maybe no sleep at all?!! Yes, I think that one might work! :) Oh, yes I forgot to mention that my new time to rise in the morning is 4:30am. Any suggestions from all you brilliant women who seem to do it ALL so flawlessly?

Speaking of our babies, Destiny got her ears pierced with pretty pink flower studs. She is in heaven now after the initial stock of the pain was forgotten. Our new family evening activity when Ashton stayed last week was playing Wii bowling. Now for sure I am hooked, we had so much fun. We have been working on home improvement projects, Destiny’s room is now PINK. Our yard is looking amazing with a few hours spent on gardening and adding mulch and stones.

Cross-my-heart promise that the next post will be much sooner than the last ~ :) Smiles, Paula

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