Thursday, March 13, 2008

I had such a great day yesterday. In the morning for a few hours I cleaned our house and worked on my graphic design for a client in my home office. Late morning from 10:30 until Noon I spent my time at the nursery at our Church in Sarasota volunteering to babysit. It was so much fun holding and playing with the adorable babies. I love babies that is why we have four children ranging from the ages of 6 to 23. My cousin “Paula” has 10 amazing children. Can you imagine being a Mom to 10 children, WOW? Upon returning from Sarasota, I worked on some more graphic design in my office. Later I enjoyed dinner with my family. We have been so lucky all week to have our older daughter Randie stay with us and visiting. After dinner the 3 of us girls played cards and Randie won all three games of Fish. During my "me time" later in the evening I played on photoshop using different techniques on my photos.

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  1. I dont have a blog! - but DO show some samples of photos you've altered - I LOVE messing with my photos and spend hours "playing". Catch you at K2!