Monday, March 17, 2008

Let’s go Hybrid?

The “in” thing right now is Hybrid! This is when you take digitally altered photos, elements or papers and combine them with traditional paper scrapbooking supplies and techniques. It is a wonderful combination and it creates some of the most amazing scrapbook pages.

The thing that I love about Hybrid Scrapbooking is that everyone can do it. You can make it as hard or easy as you want. You can simply add journaling to your photo in Photoshop, print it out and add it to your traditional page that you designed. Simple can give you a clean and classic style to your page. Or you can go nuts changing your photos in Photoshop and sanding / distressing, sew on your page, add embellishments and etc. I think what I love best about hybrid scrapping is that it combines my love for the computer with my love for scrapping.

To be honest…I have been hybrid scrapping for years, I just did not know that it had a name. So do not be intimidated by Hybrid or Digital world. Take my upcoming Digi Class at K2, it is a great place to start and soon a world of new possibilities will be open up for you and your hobby of scrapbooking.


  1. Paula you are right it is the template. I switched to it. Patty

  2. I have been messing around with my blog setting all evening. I have to find out, all the ins and outs. I am glad that I could help U! :) Paula

  3. paula when my computer crashed i lost your e-mail. e-mail me at and I will tell you a few more things I really like about acdsee 10!!
    have a great day.
    ps you have to teach me how to add sidebar titles like that-LOVE THEM!!

  4. Hey Nikki,
    My email is I can't wait to play around on ACDSee tonight after work, ugh, if things go as planned today. Create photos titles and insert them as photos on your blog. Thanks I love the creating elements for my new blog, I am glad you like it. It is wonderful to be given praise from someone as talented as you Nikki.
    Smiles, Paula

  5. Paula,
    I've been anxiously waiting for this class and now that there's a date I can't go;( David has high school orientation that night from 5-8. I'm afraid that I'll be be lost in Hybrid 2 class. What to do?

  6. Carol,
    I am also teaching 101 on Saturday, May 17th at 2:00. I hope that day will work for you, I would love for you to be in my class. Give me any feed back that you may have on what you would like to learn in the class? Can you scrap next Friday on the 28th at K2. I can remember if I asked you yet or not? Can I add your myspace page on my Blog under "my friends"?
    Love, Paula

  7. Ok that should work out!! Trish wants to take your class too (remember my friend from Miami). So I'll give her that date too. I'm already signed up I think...
    Julie was to sign us up, I'll check with her. Terry is also having a crop at her house that night and that Saturday too. Yes you can put my space up if you'd like.
    Hugs, Carol